🍒Playful Ella

Welcome fellow

Adventure seeker


Let me introduce myself, I'm Playful Ella but please call me Ella.

 When I began 4 years ago, I wanted to be recognized for exactly who I was as a person, a fun-loving playful individual hence the fancy name but don't let that fool you. I am a down to earth and been told they feel like they're hanging out with one of the guys!

As time goes on I'm constantly finding new friendships who enjoy long term affection and adventure,


I'm optimistic that's exactly what brought you here today!

Here's a little more about my Journey,


As the industry has moved to a more personal approach through social media via Twitter; I've found showing more of who I am and the interests I carry are very important for building relationships.


From posting me, carving lines on my snowboard in the winter to hiking and biking in the summer, so many new friends began to reach out in hopes to join me in my adventures!


I now consider myself a professional girlfriend, who can be your personal snow bunny, your biking buddy, your companion who can "kick it with the buds", or even putting on an expensive gown and joining you to the event of the year!

I endeavor to be the woman or "unicorn", so many speak about but cannot find, I believe you may have found her today.

I consider myself not your average companion, I'm about building relationships and adventures not seeing you come and go. 


So, if I've sparked your interest, what will it be?

a life-long friendship


a never forgotten memory.




Make your own visual


Age: Early 20's

Blonde hair

Blue eyes

Body type: Athletic/Slim



Dress Size: XS-S


Hobbies & Interests: playing & watching sports, snowboarding, adventure seeker, entrepreneurship.


Drink: bold red wine or bud light


Taste: milk chocolate or any chocolate

Cuisine: authentic pub food or Italian


Quote: If you love something set it free, If It comes back…it’s fucked up